Amanda brings to her photography practice a wealth of experience in visual and performance craft. Prior to completing her commercial photography degree at RMIT, and following several years in high fashion and specialized couture, Amanda held the coveted position of Head of Wardrobe at The Malthouse Theatre, an iconic Melbourne company with main stage productions regularly touring both nationally and overseas. During her seven years with The Malthouse Theatre she collaborated with highly regarded stage, lighting and costume designers, as well as local and international directors.

With her sharply keen eye for tone, texture, and composition, and a profound understanding of working with actors, the decision to take on photography work seemed like a natural progression. Amanda spent the next few years mastering the technical aspects of her new chosen field, with an emphasis on high-concept studio lighting, ultra high-speed photography, and cutting edge digital post-production platforms. She utilises her ability to craft commercial quality costumes and props, and turns wild imaginative concepts into capturable mise en scène compositions.  

In 2017, Amanda became a Resident Artist at The Substation, Newport.